May 8 Workout


    Pretty decent workout! I am sooo sore from yesterday, I look like an old person walking up and down stairs, soo painful ahah
    • Push-Up:
      • 10 reps (+19 pts)
      • 10 reps (+19 pts)
    • Front Two-Dumbbell Raise:
      • 5 lb x 15 reps (+22 pts)
      • 5 lb x 15 reps (+22 pts)
      • 5 lb x 15 reps

    Gonna attempt this

    Current status… Goal: lose 50lbs 🙈💩


    Vogue is Viral is having another giveaway!

    What we are givingaway:

    • A Alexander McQueen scarf that says “God Save McQueen”


    • A Cambridge Satchel in brown that is 13” wide

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    a crush, soo middle school.


    I have a crush on someone. This crush can’t know I like him because well, I don’t really want him to know.

    The thing is, I wish I didn’t like him like that. I wish though, he could see me as someone who at least looks good in there book; but that wont happen any time soon.

    For now on though, I will promise to stop liking this him. I promise to not take part or even give an indication that I like him, maybe it’ll be beneficial on my part.  


    The Dream Ft Jay-Z ‘High Art’

    This particular track was probably one of the most highly anticipated to come from The Dream’s 5th Studio album ‘IV Play’ and it definitely delivers. Of course you get the slick, professional bars you’d expect from Jay, but there is also a fresh, bouncy vibe to the track. Synth-heavy chords and rocking drums along with an extremely memorable hook, make this track a certified summer anthem!



    I need someone I leave through the front door with cause you don’t wanna hide no more, plus you’re not shy no more, neither of us wanna play the side no more, no I’m not alone, even though nothing was the same, let me get your ass alone, let me make you say my name

    🎤😩 I’m scared to let somebody in on this.. No new friends, no no new

    vieille âme♥: ;-*


    Feel like my love life is finished
    I’ve been avoiding commitment
    That’s why I’m in this position
    I’m scared to let somebody in on this
    No new friends, no no no
    You know how this shit go
    You got your fair share of admirers that call your phone
    You try to act like it’s just me, but I’m not…